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#14251143 Nov 19, 2019 at 07:20 PM
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Up til now in 5- and 10-mans we've used a common-sense system - need what you need, prioritise main spec, be considerate of others. We'd prefer to stick with that rather than going into complicated point-based systems, mostly because Braith doesn't trust us with edit access to her spreadsheets. Obviously, however, that gets more difficult in a larger group where it's hard to get a word in edgewise to say 'um actually I desperately need that'.

As such, here's an explanation of our general approach to loot in a larger group.
  • Class-specific items should largely be resolved by communication between the members of that class. That might be a simple 'you want it?' 'nah' 'ok tx m8' or put up for a simple roll. We are opening up class- and role-specific chat channels so these discussions can be had more easily, without having to fight with the entire raid to be heard (and also to aid in cc assignments etc).
  • Non-class-specific loot such as weapons or trinkets will typically be put up for a roll limited to appropriate specs/classes by the raid leader. Speak up early if your class hasn't been mentioned and you think you should be able to roll, but remember that just because you can wield/wear something, doesn't necessarily mean you should. For armor, priority will be given to natural users of that armor class.
  • Green items will likely be sold/disenchanted so be sure to shout if they're actually upgrades for you.
  • Patterns/Recipes will be offered up to those with the skill to use them immediately, then those on the way up, then (if BoE) likely sold to start building up a guild bankroll.
  • Trade Goods etc will be stored in the guild bank and used for enchants/raid consumables as appropriate, or can be bought for personal use at a yet-to-be-determined percentage of the AH cost.

Please take the following points into consideration when deciding whether to take/roll on an item. They're all common sense and you probably do this already, but we thought we'd lay it out anyway.
  • Upgrade potential - consider passing on items that are small upgrades for you if someone else will benefit more from them. This is a team effort and we should be thinking more about boosting group performance than getting a few more pixels on our own epeens.
  • Items received during the raid/week - don't be a loot hog and roll when you've already had item(s). We know there may be situations where you've received something that isn't optimal for you (looking at you, paladin tier sets) and then something way better drops; it's not that you absolutely can't roll if that happens, but do think carefully before you throw your hat in.
  • Main/off spec and current role - for the most part, we should all be rolling for main spec and the role we're playing. If nobody wants an item for main spec, it will be opened up to off specs. If you've been asked to perform your off spec role in the raid (mostly the case with melee dps asked to tank), chat with the raid leader in advance to determine what spec you want to roll on.
  • Attendance - this is a tricky one because obviously people have varying levels of commitments IRL and can't always make it to every raid. But do be mindful that every significant upgrade that goes to a regular raider means faster runs even when you're not around, and more loot for everyone in the end.
  • Don't get too hung up on BiS lists - particularly when those BiS lists would have you rolling on a lower armor class, or when more than one role can benefit from an item. This is a team effort, etc etc.

A bit of butthurt over lost loot is completely natural, we've all been there, but if you do feel particularly hard-done-by by a loot decision (or decisions) please raise it privately with an officer.
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